If you're looking for source code, check out my github. My recent coding projects are organized below by subject.

Research: collating and interpreting information about people.

social network analysis (java network collector)

- provides a data collection architecture for various analyses of social network structure and language usage. currently only supports twitter. used for various projects, e.g. this SPSP 2017 poster.

misc. text classifiers (python)

- simple scripts to perform text classification using nltk and scikitlearn's classifiers, including using cross validation and parallelized permutation schemes to test the significance of classifier accuracies.

Civics: community-oriented projects.

gAI (assorted AI-based LGBTQ+ resources)

- data collection and interpretation to inform and aide LGBTQ+ populations.

Playges: small, playful webpages.

together, trans lullabies (3d transformations and location-triggered web audio)

- use up and down arrow keys to move, and press the spacebar while in a box to play music!

keyboard (user-controlled sine synthesizer)

- use the home row of keys to play a keyboard!

egg (manipulation of rotating ellipsoid's dimensions using cursor input)

- click and drag to change the shape!