Check out my SoundCloud to hear more of my work! Music is really important to my life/art practice and I really enjoy making it!


Router – quick chiptune (see score)

Were I Beautiful – dance accompaniment for mixed electronics (see dedicated page)

Together Variations – iPhone speech synthesizer and mixed electronics (see Together in coding)

I Can Be Happy! – experiments in making happy music

Rendered Skies – samples from the Voyager spacecraft and other mixed electronics

Midas – art song for baritone, piano (score)

Apolitical – string quartet midi realization (score)

Trans Lullabies – mixed electronics (see Trans Lullabies in coding)


Midas – art song for baritone, piano (recording)

Apolitical – a two-movement string quartet (midi realization)

Were I Beautiful – piano dance accompaniment (information)

Router – chiptune arranged for violin, viola, and bass (audio)

First Snow – a feature-length musical film