gAI (Gay Eye)

gAI is a series of data-oriented projects focused on collecting and processing information concerning LGBTQ+ populations. The active gAI projects are:

gAI is run by Dominic Burkart. Follow @gay_eye for updates on new findings and features – who doesn't need more mattachine learning in their life?

Twitter Streams (Ongoing)

Tweets from a variety of topics and locations are constantly recorded since September 21st, 2017, with intermittent recording beforehand. Topics include:

Classification Framework (Ongoing)

To study identity, human-coded training sets are currently being generated to differentiate when social media users are identifying with the topic that they are writing on (identifying as the topic, instead of merely writing about the topic). The twitter streams currently being collected are helpful both in providing raw texts for humans to encode and for the classifier to be trained on as well as giving up-to-the-microsecond sampling of multiple minority groupings (e.g., LGBTQ+ people and Muslims).